PTD 2!

2012-11-26 19:01:42 by DarthVader8882

Pokemon Tower Defense Two is here! Sam Otero, otherwise known on NG as Olmate, has released his sequel to PTD 1! It's in my favorites, go to it and rate well! Sam really, deserves it, he's been working for weeks, follow his blog! Not much today, I'm tired........................


2012-11-05 05:52:54 by DarthVader8882

Stupid M-Bot deleted my picture, "Mystery Man"! They should at least tell you which rule you violated, out of which I broke NONE! I wish M-Bot was a boss in Portal Defenders, because I would so much rather have him than "Wadolf". My life is terrible. Oh, yeah. I still haven't set my clock back for Daylight Savings Time. But I don't care. *edit* What meme should I make next? Decisions, Desicions.


Sorry. ;_ _ (

2012-05-28 07:36:05 by DarthVader8882

I'm SO SORRY I haven't posted or made art lately, BUT YAY! Fortunately, I will be off on May 31, and I am taking a few months off as well. Over the Summer I will definitely add some art. OK, the reason that it looks like I haven't done anything since Rage Guy, is... (Cue rippling flashback.) I was using photoshop, & made some Meme wallpapers to celebrate the Memes I was making. One had Tro-lo-lo Guy, the other had Tay Zonday, (The Chocolate Rain dude) But the P-bot jerk, or T-bot, or whichever letter-bot deletes your stuff, DELETED THEM, & I AM FUROUS! They never went against the guidelines!
*EDIT* It is actually M-bot that deletes your stuff. Sorry to P-Bot and T-Bot, I'm sure you guys are cool dudes.


2012-04-06 15:14:57 by DarthVader8882

Hello everyone! I have returned, & I'm currently doing illustrations of memes. Note: I'm also willing to do any request! PM me if you have a request.

Awesome game

2012-03-03 17:20:04 by DarthVader8882

On Newgrounds, there is a wonderful game they call Dadgame. It is in my favorites, or you can search it on the search bar, but either way, it is Awesome! Seriously, it will not dissapoint!


2012-02-20 11:15:00 by DarthVader8882

Hey guys, The good news is, I have recovered from my Pink-eye. the bad news is, my Photoshop is broken so I can't make photos for a while. Stay hopeful. I will get my Dad. he can fix stuff.

Nice To have you.

2012-02-12 10:23:38 by DarthVader8882

What up, Guys? It is nice to know that people are stopping by. Just wanted to tell you that I have just been diagnosed with Pink-eye, I won't be able to put up as many post as normal, I will make a lot today, so as while I'm sick, you'll have a lot to look at. I am also taking suggestions. If you have any good ideas, PM me some of them. Who knows? You might get your idea made. If I do take a suggestion, I will credit you for the idea.

Nice To have you.

My stuff

2012-02-11 14:47:53 by DarthVader8882

Guys, I just noticed that some @%^# deleted my posts of Nyan Dog and a Rage Comic. I don't know what rule he thought I was breaking, because my stuff is made by me, cross my heart. He might have deleted Nyan Dog because of Photography, but it's actually pieces of pictures and some digital artwork. the Rage Comic was about someone stepping on a Lego and screaming, and people do Rage Comics about those. But I swear it was original because I made it myself, here. But anyways, you may say: Hey, but that's not hand-drawn either! Well, to them I shall say: If I put up hand drawn stuff, you will say they stink.
Faithfully yours,


2012-02-08 20:01:35 by DarthVader8882

Hi, I am DarthVader8882, You can call me Darth. I am new to Newgrounds, I will probably mainly be submitting artwork. Maybe if I can get around to it, I might make a game.